Studio structure/set-up

1)Non-artists are not allowed to observe sessions,

2)Studio to start and end promptly

Doors open at 6:00 and are locked at 7:00

3)All attendees are encouraged to assist with the weekly set up and clean up of the studio. Please enquire if you are new and wish to assist. 

4)Artists must set up and put away their own stations. (Horses drawing boards and a few easels provided in storage room)

5) No turpentine or OMS is allowed in the studio. It is advised you use

spike lavender or other essential oil or water based paints as ventilation is limited

6) Wipe down horses if necessary-supplies provided

7)Tarps/ newspapers etc. are recommended to protect the floor if using materials such as oil paints or if you are particularly messy. The studio is a daycare by day 

8) Keep storage room door closed at ALL times. 

9) Re set-up: Stage to be placed in or around the center of studio  Tuesday “gesture poses” studio set-up format is in the round. Thursday “long pose” studio set up is in semi-circle format with background ( 17 artists plus-  without a background) 

10) Some studio items are delicate and costly. Please take care of the studio property as if it were your own. 

11) Two rows of horses/easels to be arranged (in center area especially). Standing easels must allow space for a drawing horse in front that is a respectable and workable distance away from the model. If you wish to draw or paint at close range you should be seated. If by 7 pm few attendees are observed everyone can move forward including standing easels.   The use of trays in the front row will depend on the number of artists in attendance.  Artists with a lot of material should generally situate themselves  in the second row

12)Moderator to set up model and lighting. 

13)Timers will decide the time sequence together with moderator and will instruct the model. We ask that artists respect the timer’s instructions. 

14) Only the Moderator is  to instruct and interact with the model. 

15) Breaks-Small charge for snacks- beverages are free. Please try to bring your own cup to reduce styrofoam waste. Session ends at 9:15

16) Keep a respectful distance from  models! Do not initiate conversation with the models. Do not offer the models a ride. Do not make personal remarks about models. We typically thank the model as a group at the session end. 


  1)Photos are strictly prohibited except for the following:

Gary Slotnikov  Mary Subedar, Susan Van Koughnet and Jim Pollock will take photos of artwork (with your permission) for promotion on the Group's Facebook Page

The Director  Mary Subedar will take photos of the general studio for promotion 

3)Models occasionally ask for photos of the artwork. It is the artists' right to allow or refuse this request or suggest the terms. If anyone is willing to give the model a piece of artwork please do so. They are often glad for it. 

Model release waiver

Artists are advised to use a "Model Release Waiver" to capture and use clothed model photos and to sell artwork of which the model is a recogneizeable subject. 

For Models


Scheduling. You must confirm your scheduled session by text or e-mail with the Moderator 48hrs before your Session. If you cannot make a session please contact the Moderator ASAP. If you do not confirm a booked session the Coordinator may schedule another model. In these events, you will not be paid for your session.


Session format. Your session will have a moderator and timer. The session is 2.75  hours including breaks. your format may involve many short poses (Gesture Poses), one long pose (Long Pose Sessions)
Sessions must start on time. Arrive at least fifteen minutes before your session and introduce yourself to the Moderator.  


Props. There are a variety of stools and poles available for your use as props in longer poses, as well as pillows and cloths. Ask the Moderator if you don’t see these.


Breaks. All sessions have breaks-Long poses will be punctuated by two long breaks (15 minutes) and shorter “stretch” breaks. For your first several sessions, check in with the Moderator on the long break about your posing and ask for feedback. 


Pay. You’ will be paid by the  “Cash Box Personnel” at the end of your session, 


Photos of artwork . Artwork becomes the property of artists. You do not own their artwork although you are its subject. If you wish to photograph the work please gain permission from the individual artist along with the terms. 


Clothing. Some poses are nude. In these cases a robe or light clothing must be worn during breaks. You may change from your clothes in the washroom. Do not change in front of artists. Please bring a towel or small blanket to sit on for long poses or a small sheet to cover the stage area for gestures. 


Posing. For short poses (5 minutes and under), dynamic poses—with the body or limbs extended or somewhat off balance—are more interesting than static ones (very stable, symmetric poses). For long poses (20 minutes or more), look to support your body and all limbs comfortably in the pose: it’s difficult to hold even a lightly flexed muscle steady for more than a few minutes. Generally contraposto poses, or poses with some twist , are better than symmetric and "straight-ahead" poses.
You are being drawn by artists surrounding you on all sides. Vary your poses to face different parts of the room, and/or twist your pose so that you are facing different parts of the room simultaneously!


The pose. For longer poses, work with the Moderator to identify a pose that is comfortable and interesting. If the session is clothed work with the moderator a few days beforehand on the outfit/character you will be creating.



Breaking a Pose. if you are having difficulty with a pose you have the right to stretch the muscle or limb mid-pose. If you feel the need to abort a pose, do so rather than risk injury.

Artist Interaction. Please limit your interaction with artists and keep a respectful distance. Use the break to rest, stretch, regroup, plan your next pose etc. Questions must be directed to the evening Moderator.