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The "Winnipeg Life Drawing " is a new  drawing venue   in the City of Winnipeg. Its mandate is to support the art of Life Drawing - an essential practice for figurative and other artists animators, sculptors, potters, architects and others.

What we do

The Winnipeg Life Drawing Studio is currently open  Thursday evenings  as a figure drawing drop in venue  for any artist.  You do not have to be a member. We welcome professionals, hobbyists and novices to use our studio to practice, develop skills, connect with fellow artists and have fun. For students we have open arms. Absolutely no experience is necessary.  The Winnipeg Life Drawing Society is more than a drawing venue. It is  a community that epitomizes what Winnipeg is all about!

 A  growing list of both male and female nude and draped models offer long and short poses. Our 2000 square foot studio is equipped with horses, drawing boards, easels , backdrops, stage, and excellent model lighting. We offer a supportive non- competitive environment for anyone to develop their art. Come and draw with us and engage with a broad range of artistic styles and skills.  

We need you!

 This grassroots group is currently a self-sustaining entity, unsupported by public funds and relies predominantly on volunteers, donations and artists' attendance for its existence.  Come out and  draw/paint volunteer and lend your ideas.  100 artists have used our studio thus far. 

What people are saying

Workshop Reviews

"Glenn isn't only an incredible teacher, he is an incredible inspiration. The workshop was well organized and I was able to learn so much in only four days! I look forward to returning again next year." Jarod -Portland Oregon

Studio Reviews

"I find these drawing sessions very inspiring and helpful: professional setup, serious and dedicated fellow artists, great choice of models, variety of poses, friendly ambiance. I’d strongly recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their drawing skills." -Bibiana Vidal Curell Artist

"I can't say enough good things about these Life Drawing Sessions.

The environment is comfortable, laid back and very professional all in one,

 making for a great experience for novice and experienced artists alike. 

If you are a Winnipeg artist/art student ..this is a place to not be missed! "-D. Cardaci Artist

"Winnipeg Life Drawing Society-

the place, where I leave behind one chapter of my life filled with rules and regulations, stops and red lights and open another where beauty, harmony, freedom, colors, friendship and creativity starts. My time here is full of surprises and positive energy ,and even if my creation, does not meet my expectations, I know "tomorrow" I have  a new chance. 

The place where I discover myself and my love for the human body." 

-Wanda Slawik Artist

"I really appreciate the consistent opportunity of practicing life drawing at Winnipeg Life Drawing Society every Tuesday and Thursday evening.

Excellent models, great lighting, dedicated artists, peaceful and fun atmosphere"

-Rosanna Kwan -Artist

"While I have always done art work alone at home , I find I really like coming to drawing on Thursday night and work alongside others. It is always inspiring to see what they are doing and it breaks the isolation that can be a part of being an artist. "- Jean Gallagher artist

"The wide variety of models and the huge space make for a great creative experience." Steve Jorgenson Artist

"I find the Winnipeg Life Drawing Society to be a fun group of artists of varying age and skill levels who meet each week to develop drawing and painting in a very friendly and supportive environment.  Even out-of-towners make the trip."

-Diane Stefanson Artist

"The Winnipeg Life Drawing Society Inc is a great group to model for. Very respectful and friendly every time I sit for them. Amazing artists of all stages. I highly recommend, as an artist myself, to keep your hand in live figure drawing. They do socialize and show off their work to each other, bonus in my opinion. Don't be shy, take a night and come draw." - LG  Model

"I love modeling for this group! It is by far one of my favorite jobs to do. I look forward to each session." -Sarah S. Model

"Excellent website Mary, I would like to thank you, and all of your wonderful volunteers, for making this event possible. I enjoy the friendships that I have met in this welcoming and very relaxing environment." -J. Sandberg Artist 

"As a fine arts model, I enjoy working with Winnipeg Life Drawing Society  because the people who make it happen are courteous, professional, and  kind. I have been modeling for them for a couple of years, and have been  treated as a part of the community." --S.B Model

"It was an absolute pleasure to be a ‘still model’ with the Winnipeg Life Drawing Society from March 2018 until June 2018. I remember answering the advert on Kijiji expressing my interest to be a ‘still model’ back in February 2018 and it’s easily one of the best things I’ve done in my life. Mary is a ‘creative genius’ who is full of ideas and quite passionate about her involvement in the drawing society. We always used to discuss the nitty-gritty about the clothes, the pose and everything in between before my modeling session. Mary ensured that I was comfortable at all times while I am in the studio.  If you are thinking of pursuing the arts either for therapeutic reasons or wish to polish your drawing/sketching skills then I would strongly recommend you to sign up with the Winnipeg Life Drawing Society. Remember to have some fun while you’re at it." 

- Kaladhar Battepati (Kal), Still Model, 

"I  am a member of this society and it has been a joy to see new artist's  joining us in this new space.  The space is a true gift for us.  It  allows a lot more flexibility in staging and more artists to draw.  It  can only get better over time (i.e. more back drops, props, and  artists).  I am thrilled to be a member of this group and urge others to  come out and join us." - S. Van Koughnet Artist

"Having modeled for this group regularly for a few months now, I can honestly say I enjoy and look forward to every session I do. They are a very laid back and friendly bunch! The relaxed atmosphere makes it a real pleasure to work with them! They are also very helpful to each other as artists as well as to me as their model." - G.W. Model

"I've been a life art model for 6 years now, and connected with the Winnipeg Life Drawing Society as other venues were closing. The intimate setting of the initial St Vital location provided opportunity to engage artists more than other venues. The new location is central and large enough to serve Winnipeg's diverse artist community. From a model's perspective, the supportive group is great to model for. I am proud to be a part of this group, and excited for the future of life drawing in this city. Recommend 100% to all artists and models!" - Kelvin Dyck, model

"Everything you could possibly ask for in a life drawing group: a central location with lots of space; equipment; excellent and varied models; terrific lighting; long and short pose evenings; a friendly atmosphere; reasonable rates and snacks!! An absolutely fabulous resource for our city!" A. Raven Artist

"It was a pleasure to model for this group of diversely skilled artists. They are a gracious group and it was a delight to see their works". -J.M Model 

"The Winnipeg Life Drawing Society is a warm and inviting community filled with passionate artists of all stripes. The feeling of genuine support coupled with each artist's dedication to their craft makes each session a joy to attend.

The current location is spacious, the volunteers efficient, and the atmosphere friendly and relaxed. It's truly inspiring to see all the beautiful artwork at the end of each session." Gary Slotonikov Artist


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Winnipeg Life Drawing Society

525 Wardlaw Avenue, (side entry lower level) Winnipeg, Manitoba R3L 2H2, Canada

Director, Founder, Moderator Dr. Mary Subedar (204) 804-2703 info@wlds.ca


Thursdays 6:30-9:30

Doors open at  6 pm close 7 pm