Croquis Cafe:  (on youtube) has videos of models in real time with different lengths of poses. Also has tips for life drawing.

New Masters Academy : timed models for life drawing on youtube: More like still photos but has a timed feature so the poses change on their own.

 Love Life Drawing on youtube  ( mother and son duo from Britain. She is an artist and he is learning to draw. Very genuine, encouraging and lots of content.)

Love life Drawing Blog:

Link for adding classes to their world wide list:

Proko on Youtube:

He has a lot of free content and short videos about figure drawing/gesture drawing.

 Alphonso Dunn on Youtube:

He has written at least one book on sketching and he has some lessons on anatomy and also on gesture drawing on his youtube channel.

Line of Action: online resource

Figure drawing resource/study tool using still photos. Can select male/female/clothed/unclothed photos, which is nice.

 Craftsy free mini class on figure drawing

Savvy Painter-- artist interview podcast --mainly painters. some interviews  about how to sell art/market yourself. A new podcast every two weeks.

Subject: Bridgman - Complete Guide to Drawing from Life....

Free art classes as well as a section on art appreciation and the history of art.

Free ebook as well as drawing tutorials
Good article

Free online workshops using a variety of media.

Timed Model Drawing Session Instructor: Glenn Vilppu