Organizational structure


Dr. Mary Subedar

The  club's overall design is in progress and continually being formulated to best serve the needs of Winnipeg's artistic community


Conception, design and initial set-up of the club and its component parts; establishing goals, objectives and guidelines, overseeing/coordinating operations, and delegating tasks.  Weekly studio moderating, advertising, workshops, hiring  and training models, establishing studio schedules, web design and maintenance, seeking partnerships, marketing and promotion of the studio and artists, photography, information distribution, general trouble shooting , conflict resolution complaints, equipment inventory and acquisition 

Secretary Treasurer  

Susan Van Koughnet 

Bookkeeping , all financial records,/receipts, member recruitment and  lists, email lists, contracts (rental, insurance model waivers), model payment, membership and weekly fee collection,  


Jean Gallagher 

Weekly beverage and snacks


Gary Slotnikov 

Weekly photography  Facebook uploads, music

Timers:    Volunteers are consistently needed here!  

Studio Set Up

Although there are core personnel responsible for this there is an expectation that  folks share this task. At a minimum artists are responsible for setting up and putting away their own stations. 

If you would like to participate in any capacity please enquire at 

The club is not currently funded by any public or private agency and relies on donations and attendance for existence. More than 100  artists have used the studio thus far

Artists Sponsors

For a small $60.00 annual fee you can both support this club and have the  work you produce in studio featured on its' official website. Current sponsors

Susan Van Koughnet

Jim Pollock

Jana Hamilton

Neill Leask

Wanda Slawik

Dan Bulloch

Gary Slotnikov

Mary Subedar

Alex Freeman

Sandy Glass